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Tuesday Tool Review #1

     Now don’t excited, it’s only been two days since I posted. My title leads you to believe you will see a tool review each Tuesday.  I’m not promising that at all.  It just so happens that it was past time for me to change my rotary blade yesterday.  I’ll take free stuff anytime if I think I can actually use it. But before I get into the review…..

I rarely go out after work unless it’s quilt related.  So when the ladies from work planned an evening out to celebrate a birthday I made a big deal about it not being quilt related but that I would go.  You should have seen the crazy e-mails that flew back and forth.  Tonight to psyche myself I wore my guild name tag to the dinner so I could pretend I was at a quilt event but not really.  They thought it was a hoot.  Speaking of hoot, we had a great time at Rosie’s Mexican Cantina.  Maybe I should sneak out more often.

Now let’s get on to the review.  In my drawer where I keep my rotary blades I found two brand new packages of carpet blades, pictured above.  Recently I read somewhere about the good price of carpet blades compared to what we pay for quilt blades. Now that I think about it I don’t remember the article saying anything about the quality of the blades.  I’m afraid I’m giving this particular brand a “big thumbs down”.  I put that new blade in and tried to cut only 4 layers of fabric.  I heard and felt this “plunk, plunk, plunk” and every other ¼” seemed partly cut.  Well, that just wasn’t going to work. I flipped the blade, thinking maybe there was a right and wrong side to these.  No, that didn’t work either.  There was absolutely no difference. I took it out and threw it away and put in a quilt blade. Awh……………….., now that nice smooth easy cut is just what I was looking for.

I agree that sometimes there is a dud in the pack. With that in mind, I didn’t toss the pack. The next time I need to change a blade, I’ll try the other blade in the package but if that doesn’t work, it and the other brand new package are going in the trash. I don’t think I know anyone who lays carpet or I would offer it to them.   If anyone has a suggestion for me, I’d love to hear it.  Does anyone  have any experience using carpet blades in their rotary cutters?

Granted tools are made with specific uses in mind and to specific specifications.  I could use a stapler as a hammer but would probably give it a “big thumbs down” too because it just wasn’t living up to my expectations of a hammer.  After all that’s what I wanted it to act like even if it wasn’t made for that purpose.

The carpet blade I’m reviewing may be an exceptional blade when used in the proper tool and when used to cut carpets.  If anyone wants to try that and write a rebuttal I’d be happy to have that posted on the blog.  Ok, so I’m having a little fun.  We can always repurpose things but when they don’t work as we want them to it may be because they weren’t made to work for the purpose we are trying to make them conform to.

As I start to close this, I thought – it’s just like people.  We are are here for a purpose.  If we try to do things we weren’t made for or if we allow others to try to get us to do things we weren’t meant for it just never seems to work very well.

Until the next time I surprise you with a Tuesday Tool Review.


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