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Pinterest Interest?

Oh my goodness, have you heard of Walking by a co-workers desk a few months back I had to stop and ask what she was looking at. She explained Pinterest was a public bulletin board application where you could find cool things on the internet and “Pin” them to your many personal boards, like cooking.  Well, I don’t cook much so that didn’t grab me.  She’s young and loves to shop so she showed me some of the clothes and makeup things she’s pinned.  It still didn’t grab me and I attributed it to another crazy thing to steal my quilting time if I was ever crazy enough to log on.

It wasn’t a week later at my stitch group when someone mentioned Pinterest.  Ok, Ok, so tell me why you like it.  She proceeds to explain all the quilting and craft idea she found and “Pinned” to her boards.  Here was something that tugged at me.  But I kept thinking about the time I might let it steal if I really found anything I might possibly be interested in on another site.

Like I hesitated with Facebook a year ago I begrudgingly requested an invite to join.  I slowly began to poke around and see what all the hoopla was about.  I searched “Quilts” and oh my goodness……. Lots of beautiful pictures filled the screen.  I searched “Embroidery” and again was bombarded with loads of great pictures and patterns.  Now I had to figure out how to create my own bulletin boards so I wouldn’t  lose what came up in the searches.

I was on my way to a world of inspiration that was unbelievable.  Then I started seeing people I knew out there a started following them.  It just mushroomed and now I “take a peek” at least twice daily to see if there is anything that grabs my attention or simply takes my breath away and I pin it for future reference.

That’s the sad part about Pinterest.  I have loads and loads of great pins on my boards but I haven’t really spent quality time following those pins to the original location to get more information.  Because I’m a free motion machine quilter that is what really grabs my attention.  I always want to try these great free motion ideas and incorporate them into mine and my customer’s quilts.  There are only so many hours in the day to get it all done and try all these fun things I have pinned to my boards.

If you’re like me, you probably don’t need one more thing to squeeze into your day; however, if you are looking for inspiration or ideas for all the things that interest you and your family – take a look at  As soon as I can figure out how to add the “Follow Me On Pinterest” button to my blog I’ll do that.  In the meantime just  type in my name and start following.  Don’t blame me if you get addicted because it’s very addicting and contagious too.  Have fun.


Comments on: "Pinterest Interest?" (4)

  1. I agree-Pinterest is amazing. I now force myself to set a timer and quit when the bell rings–otherwise I can spend way tooo much time on Pinterest!

    • I should have thought of the timer option. I use a timer when I go to retreats so I don’t sit forever as I tend to do. Once I even had the whole room up and stretching every 45 minutes. LOL

  2. Oh — it’s a time-eater, isn’t it? For a while I debated on whether or not pinning all those things — things I couldn’t *all* possibly hope to do on my own — was a good thing or a bad thing. Now I’ve decided to take the stand that it’s inspiration. I may or may not choose to do something . . . but if I do, it’s there. And it may prompt me to try something I wouldn’t have tried otherwise. Or it may just be a pretty (or funny) that I just end up admiring for the two seconds it took to pin it. LOL! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 🙂

    • Since I don’t cook much having the easy and delicious board is there “just in case” the mood strikes – inspiration as you say. Really, I get loads of inspiration from all the pins. I do need to implement the timer option “theinboxjaunt” recommened below to help me stay on task, or should I say “to help me move on to the next task”.

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